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"They take first a crooked piece of iron, and with it draw out the brain through the nostrils, thus getting rid of a portion, while the skull is cleared of the rest by rinsing with drugs; next they make a cut along the flank with a sharp Ethiopian stone, and take out the whole contents of the abdomen, which they then cleanse, washing it thoroughly with palm wine, and again frequently with an infusion of pounded aromatics…" -Greek historian Herodotus describes the process of mummification in Egypt (trans. Rawlinson).

Shown here is an extraordinarily well preserved Egyptian mummy at the Louvre. This man lived during the Ptolemaic Period, and his name can be read as either Nenu or Pachery. The body has been sophisticatedly wrapped in strips of linen, and the mummy is covered with a cartonnage. Included here is a mask, an apron across the legs, and a collar over the chest.

Rigault Patricia from the Louvre provides the below description. This is only a section of the full write-up, you can read the rest here if you wish.

A body preserved for eternity

Not everyone in ancient Egypt had access to the funerary practices that ensured eternal life, and many people had to settle for a simple pit in the desert and a few modest offerings. For the more fortunate, preserving body provided an additional guarantee of survival in the afterlife. It offered a new support for the various elements of the living being that were dispersed at the time of death. Although the earliest mummies were little more than bodies wrapped in linen strips dipped in resin, more sophisticated methods soon developed; mummification procedures were highly perfected by the New Kingdom.

Although the number of mummies increased from this period on, the quality of the work tended to decrease. Nevertheless, mummies from the Greco-Roman period are often remarkable for the highly subtle designs formed by the interwoven linen strips. Depending on the period, a mummy could be covered a clothing, a net of beads, a mask, or a decorated wooden plank or cartonnage. During the Ptolemaic Period, various cartonnage elements were arranged on the mummy before it was placed in the coffin. 

Courtesy of & currently at the Louvre, France, N 2627. Photos by: Massimo Palmieri (1), Yann Caradec (2 & 3, cropped), and Oleg Ы (4).

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Game postponed due to puppies.

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Drunk as hell and your song comes on

This badger is like 5 “Don’t Stop Believing”s drunk

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she-keepsitsimple tagged me in a thing to talk about five things I love about myself and I’ve been putting it off, but I’ve done it. 

1. I really like that it’s pretty easy for me to make friends and that I can usually make people laugh. I like that I’m a pretty easy going person.

2.  I think I like my hair the best. It was only a lil past my shoulders when I started growing it out two years ago, and now it’s to the small of of my back. Also, I never have to do it because it’s naturally curly and wavy. It’s also soft. 

3. I like my lips because they look sort of nice when I wear lipstick. I have the fullest lips of the family, and I like them.

4. My collarbones are pretty chill, I think. They don’t stick out a lot but they do a lil sometimes and I like they way they look — especially when I wear tank tops. 

5. I like that I’m opinionated but that I can also have an open mind about things. I am a lil stubborn, and I don’t really like that about myself, but I do like that I have my own opinions and my own voice. 

Imma tag cjgetsdownnocontinuum, egglegs, @sketchbookmonsters, and also locodelbosque.

"Who hurt you so much that you started to hate yourself?"

Midnight thoughts (what made you so sad)

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"Do you guys have hot straws?"